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Bound for Distant Seas – a 6-part series melding some of my past and recent sailing clips to friend Ian Palmer’s story of getting underway on his own planned circumnavigation. Produced by Ian Palmer for the Natural Fizz Vlog. Written by Ian Palmer and James Baldwin.

Refit Projects

Cape Dory 36 Sailboat Refit Part 1 – Overview
Sailboat Electric Outboard Motor Conversion – Cape Dory 27 Refit Part 4
Takacat 260S Dinghy and Epropulsion Spirit Electric Outboard Demonstration
Cape Dory 27 Refit Part 3 Water Tank and Stove
CD27 Refit Part 2 – Hull/deck joint, windlass, bow roller
Cape Dory 27 Refit Part 1 – Project Begins
Lithium Batteries and Electrical Installation Albin Ballad 30 Refit Part 6
Interior Modifications – Quarterberth/Nav Table conversion Albin Ballad Refit Part 5
Installing an Origo Alcohol Stove – Albin Ballad Refit Part 4
Installing a Lavac Toilet with Nauta Waste Tank – Albin Ballad Refit Part 3
Building a Divinycell Integral Boat Water Tank – Albin Ballad Refit Part 2
Albin Ballad 30 Cruising Upgrades – Part 1 Overview
Cape Dory 27 Cruising Modifications
Alberg 30 Tour – Getting Underway to Bahamas
F24 MKI Corsair Trimaran Cruising Version Tour
Installing a boat toilet bucket with vent fan
Assembling a Dyneema Jordan Series Drogue
Fabricating and installing a fully adjustable solar panel pole mount
Highlights of work we’ve done on a 1978 Nicholson 31 sailboat.
We install a lightning protection system from Marine Lightning Protection Inc on a Nicholson 31 sailboat.
Catching Up with Singlehanded Circumnavigator James Baldwin is from a friend’s Youtube channel, Aboard the Flying Spur, which documents his preparing a Cape Dory 30 to go cruising. Check out his channel at
Installing Newfound Metals Portlights on a Cheoy Lee Clipper 33. We also repair the damaged wood-sided coach roof inside and out.
DIY Sailboat Mast Raising System
Making Dyneema Sailboat Lifelines
Cape Dory 26 Refit Tour
Installing a Mack Pack Mainsail Cover and Lazy Jacks
Preparing a Catalina 22 for a Bahamas Cruise
DIY Sailboat Whisker Pole Mast Mount Chock
Pearson Triton Osprey Refit Part 24 Exterior Tour
Shadetree Sailboat Awning
Adding a Code 0 Sail and Sprit Pole – Pearson Triton Osprey Refit Part 23
Fitting New Sails – Triton Osprey Refit Part 22
Installing Harken MKIV Unit 0 Roller Furling – Triton Osprey Refit Part 21
Installing Windpilot Pacific Light Windvane SelfSteering
Installing New Mast and Sta-lok Rigging – Pearson Triton Osprey Refit Part 20
Pearson Triton Osprey Refit Part 19 Interior Tour
Installing a Tides Marine Mainsail Track
Converting Fractional to Masthead Rig – Triton Osprey Refit Part 18
Installing Bunk Lee Cloths – Triton Osprey Refit Part 17
Installing a New Sailboat Boom – Triton Refit Part 16
Installing C Head Toilet Vent – Triton Osprey Refit Part 15
Installing Sailboat Deck Hardware – Triton Osprey Refit Part 14
Pelagic Autopilot Installation and Test


Dodger and Bimini Design and Construction – Triton Osprey Refit Part 13
Installing Portlights, Hatch, Chain Plates – Triton Refit Part 12
Basic Sailboat Plumbing System – Pearson Triton Osprey Refit Part 11
Installation and Test of Forward Scan Sonar
Applying KiwiGrip Nonskid Deck Paint – Triton Osprey Refit Part 10
Painting a Sailboat with Alexseal – Triton Osprey Refit Part 9
Monitor Windvane Installation and Demonstration
Rewiring Sailboat 12 Volt Electrical Triton Osprey Refit Part 8
Installing Groco Seacocks and Backing Blocks
Triton Osprey Refit Part 7 – Various Projects and Interior Paint
Installing a New Iroko Cabin Sole – Triton Osprey Refit Part 6
Galley and Nav Station Rebuild – Triton Osprey Refit Part 5
Able 32 Outboard Well Modification
Cockpit Modifications and Aft Integral Water Tank – Triton Osprey Refit Part 4
Installing a Lewmar Ocean 60 Hatch – Triton Osprey Refit Part 3
Installing a Lagun Adjustable Sailboat Cabin Table
Pearson Triton Osprey Refit Part 2 – Project overview, installing a C-Head, chain locker bulkhead and door, integral forward water tank, and watertight v-berth lockers.
Tripp 29 Sailboat – Part 3 Cabin Sole and Bridgedeck Modifications
Tripp 29 Part 2 – Fitting an Outboard Well
Tripp 29 Part 1 – Before Work Begins
Pearson Triton Osprey Refit Part 1 – Outboard Well Installation
1968 Alberg 30 Refit Tour Part 2 Interior 2016
1968 Alberg 30 Refit Tour Part 1 Exterior 2016
Step-by-step installation and test of a 9.8hp outboard motor in a converted lazarette locker on a 1968 Alberg 30 sailboat.
Installing acrylic frameless windows on an Alberg 30
Installing aluminum toe rails on a 1968 Alberg 30
Replacing Chainplates on an Alberg 30
Installing a Norvane windvane on an Alberg 30
Building an integral bilge water tank into a 1968 Alberg 30 sailboat.
Jordan Series Drogue Test
Building and testing an emergency rudder for a Norvane windvane on the 28-foot Pearson Triton sailboat, Atom.
Pearson Triton Atom Refit – Part 2 – Exterior Tour
Pearson Triton Atom Refit – Part 1 – Interior Tour
1972 Alberg 30 Refit Part Two – Interior
1972 Alberg 30 Refit Part 1 – Exterior
Building the Atom 6 and 6.5 dinghy. A stitch and glue plywood and epoxy resin/fiberglass pram.
Walk-through tour and sailing an F-24 trimaran off St. Simon’s Is. Georgia 2013
Step by step description of installing an integral water tank and rebuilding the v-berth on an Alberg 30 sailboat.
Atom Kerosene Stove Demonstration
Installing a 6hp Tilt Up Outboard Motor Well and Norvane Self-Steering Windvane on an Alberg 30
Lofrans Manual Windlass Demonstration
Trailer delivery trip of a 28′ Pearson Triton from coast to coast.
Tour of our work refitting the interior of the Pearson Triton #503, Catalyst.
Exterior tour of our refit of Pearson Triton #503 , Catalyst.


Coastal Sailing – Working with Wind and Tide
Sailing the Alberg 30 “Lora”
Atom’s Shakedown 2016 Passage
Alberg 30 Shakedown Passage, Connecticut to Brunswick, GA Sept 2016

Sailor Interviews

The Alberg 30 “Lora” Begins a Circumnavigation
Video tour of Fabio’s Columbia 29 MKI including description of his electric propulsion system
Tour of Dawn Treader, Brian and Debbie’s Allied Seawind 30, highlighting the modifications they made to it recently in Brunswick, GA to prepare for their next voyage.