Cruising Yacht Services of Brunswick, GA

Since 2004 at Cruising Yacht Services, based in Brunswick, GA, we offer products, consulting services, local sail training lessons aboard your boat, and specialize in outfitting smaller sailboats for extended offshore cruising. As of 2023 I am only working part time on selected projects and we’re currently not taking on more work. I do remain available for consulting on your projects.

It may take someone years to learn what improvements and modifications their boat needs for comfortable and safe cruising. Besides knowing what equipment is desirable to have and how to use it, it’s also important to learn what you don’t need. The standard cruising reference books are helpful, but don’t answer all questions relating to your particular boat, your experience level, and your specific cruising goals. For many years I have worked with people new to cruising to help them realize their dreams sooner rather than later. Whether you learn from others or do it mostly on your own, my advice is to begin your journey today!


Our backyard workshop with two boat sheds.

Building an outboard well on an Alberg 30 (DIY patterns available)
• Building an outboard well on a Pearson Triton 28 (DIY patterns available)
• Building the Atom 6.5 Dinghy (DIY patterns available)
• Atom Stove: Installation and Operating Instructions (Not currently available)
• The Atom Solar-Tracker – How to build and install a manually adjustable marine solar panel mount

Marine Equipment Resources we use:
• Sail Trailers  Custom made sailboat trailers
• Garhauer Marine Sailboat hardware
• Rigging Only Sailboat rigging supplier
• Marine Beam LED boat lighting experts

Boats and equipment for sale: 

• 1968 Alberg 30 Voyager Edition (Sold)
• Cape Horn Windvane Self-steering (Sold)
• Jordan Series Drogue (Sold)
• For Sale: 1981 Able 32 (Sold)
• For Sale 1972 Alberg 30 “Lora” Voyager Edition (Sold)
• For Sale: 1964 Tripp 29 Sloop (Sold 2016)
• For Sale: 1979 Southern Cross 31 (Sold July 2014)
• For Sale: 1965 Pearson Triton (No longer available – new owner found)
• For Sale: Trailer (SOLD NOV 2012)
• For Sale: Trailer (Sold 2014)
• For Sale: Pearson Alberg 35 Sailboat 1964(Sold – Oct 2011)
• For Sale: 1991 F-27 Corsair Trimaran with trailer (Sold – July 2011)