Sailing Related Links

Updated April 2021

Sailor’s Forums:

• The Plastic Classic Forum discussing and repairing classic fiberglass sailboats. I answer questions here no charge as time allows for those who don’t require private and more detailed consulting

• Boat Design Forum

• Small boats for long voyages

• Sailnet

• Sailing Anarchy  

• Cruisers Forum

 Cruising Destinations and Reference Sites:

• Active Captain – Interactive Cruising Guidebook

• Noonsite Worldwide cruising destinations information

• Tide Almanac For US East, West and Gulf Coasts

Pearson Triton Sites:

• Alberg Sailboats info on all Carl Alberg designed sailboats

• Glissando Extensive Triton restoration info

Boat Designs and Projects: 

• How to Scull a Boat Article from Wooden Boat, June 1991

• Pearson 26′ Ariel #338 refit thread – details an extensive refit

• Bristol 27 Refits

• Far Reach Voyages Detailed and innovative modifications on a Cape Dory 36

Dinghies to Build:

Atom 6.5 Dinghy a 6’6″ pram dinghy
 B&B Yacht Designs the Catspaw line of dinghies to build yourself
 Eastport Nesting Pram by Chesapeake Light Craft

Marine Equipment Resources:

• Sail Trailers custom made sailboat trailers

• McMaster-Carr source for hard to find parts for any projects

• Jamestown Distributors marine supplies

We are distributors for the following quality sailboat equipment:

• Garhauer Marine sailboat deck hardware.

• Rigging Only Rigging and sailboat hardware experts

• MarineBeam LED lighting

Other Sailing Organizations and Reference Info: 

• Alberg 30 forum 

• Pearson Ariel Association Forum 

• Cape Dory Sailboat Owners Association and Forum

• For info and data on hundreds of sailboat designs. 

Cruising Homepages: 

• Sailing Dawn Treader – Allied Seawind 30 modifications and voyages

• la possibilita di unisola – Columbia 29 modifications and voyages

• Sailing Salsa around the world in an Alberg 30 – begun March 2008 

• Tiki 26 construction blog

• In the Present Sea Writings from adventurer author Webb Chiles

• Sailing Conducters  Sailing and making music on a Rawson 30

Other Sites:

• Online Conversion Calculator

Free Online Cruising Books:

• The Voyage of the Liberdade, by Joshua Slocum (1890)

• Sailing Alone Around the World, by Joshua Slocum (1900)

• Webb Chiles Open Boat Voyages and more

• Confessions of a Long-Distance Sailor, by Paul Lutus. Circumnavigation in a 31-footer

Other Free Online Reference Books:

• Where There is no Doctor A village health care handbook

• I bought the paper version to keep aboard

.• WHO Medical Guide for Ships

Odds and Ends:

• Marine Waypoints nautical dictionary

Maritime Weather Sites:

• Windy  graphic wind forecasts around the world

• Windfinder  detailed wind forecasts for sailors

• PassageWeather wind, wave and weather forecasts for sailors

• Weather Buoys Data

• NWS Marine Forecasts

• USCG HF Radio Schedule Atlantic and Pacific text forecasts from NWS

• National Hurricane Center Hurricane forecasts and satellite images

• Beaufort Wind Scale

Maps and Charts: 

• Atlas of Pilot Charts download free charts of average winds and currents

• OpenCPN free navigation software