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...and her caretaker of over 40 years, James Baldwin.

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Read, Learn, and Get Inspired about living with and sailing on ‘classic plastic’ sailboats, learning from the experiences of 2X Circumnavigator James Baldwin.

Atom’s Virtual Home Port

Atom’s Virtual Homeport contains stories and scenes from over 20 years and two voyages around the world seeking adventure aboard our 28-foot Pearson Triton sailboat, Atom.

Climb aboard to share our past and recent voyages, read articles on cruising, ideas on fitting out your sailboat, interviews with interesting sailors, and tips on the art of cruising under sail.

May your horizon broaden every day.

The radiant goddess Circe sent a sail filling wind behind us, a good companion for a voyage. We made all shipshape aboard and sat tight: wind and helmsman kept her on her course. All day long we ran before the wind, with never a quiver on the sail; then the sun set, and all the ways grew dark.

– Homer, The Odyssey

Across Islands and Oceans

Subtitled A Journey Alone Around the World by Sail and by Foot, in this first book of James Baldwin’s circumnavigation stories, he recounts his shoe-string adventure sailing alone around the world on his 28-foot Pearson Triton sailboat, Atom. Along the way he walks across every island and climbs their highest peaks. Available on Amazon as ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Bound for Distant Seas

Subtitled A Voyage Alone to Asia Aboard the 28-Foot Sailboat Atom. In this second book Baldwin sails Atom solo across the Pacific to China on the first portion of their second circumnavigation, this time without engine or electrics in a minimalist-style adventure. Available on Amazon as ebook, paperback and audiobook.

The Next Distant Sea

Part two of the Distant Seas trilogy takes Atom from Hong Kong across the Indian Ocean to South Africa with prolonged visits to the Philippines, Indonesia and Madagascar. Available on Amazon as ebook, paperback and audiobook.

Home from Distant Seas

Part three of the Distant Seas trilogy. Atom sails from South Africa back to the US to complete her 13-year second circumnavigation. Available on Amazon as ebook, paperback and audiobook.