The radiant goddess Circe sent a sail filling wind behind us, a good companion for a voyage. We made all shipshape aboard and sat tight: wind and helmsman kept her on her course. All day long we ran before the wind, with never a quiver on the sail; then the sun set, and all the ways grew dark.  -Homer, The Odyssey


Somewhere in the South Pacific. 1984


Landfall at Hana Iapa Bay on the north shore of Hiva Oa Island in the Marquesas after a 45 day passage from Panama.


Polynesian children of the Marquesas.


The spectacular volcanic islands of the Marquesas.


Chiefs Kafika and Fangarere on Tikopia, Solomon Islands.


Chief Tofua during a feast day on Tikopia Island.


A tribal chief and his father who looked after me when I contracted malaria in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.


One of countless rivers crossed on my walk across the island of New Guinea.