Solitude is the home of the strong: silence their prayer. - Ravignon


Running through squalls near Panama. This shot was taken before I added a dodger. Note the plexiglas center drop board to permit visibility from inside during rough weather.


A beach crowded with seals at Floreana Island, Galapagos.


The 3-masted 75-foot junk Cocachin, that I joined in Hong Kong as navigator on The Marco Polo Voyage.


Kayaking in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu Island.

Atom Sailing

Becalmed in mid-Pacific near the equator. Calms in the tropics rarely last more than a day or two. Sailing without an engine develops uncommon patience and refreshes the soul.


Sailing around Mindanao Island, Philippines. 1993 Although I liked the dark hull color, I changed it to white for less solar heating of the cabin.


Children of the rain forest - Sibuyan Island, Philippines.


Using water buffalo and wooden plows in the central Philippines.